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Welcome to Epsilon Bengal Cats of Washington State

We provide Quality, Unconditionally Guaranteed (rare 2 week) leopard spotted & marbled Bengal cats & kittens from Northwest's oldest & most successful Bengal cattery, since 1991. We're a Responsible & Reputable Breeder for 22 years & will be here for another 22 years or more. When other breeders have come & gone, Epsilon will be here to serve you.

Epsilon is a Champion Breeder with a very successful 21 year show history. We're credited with numerous Champion to Supreme Grand Champion titled cats as well as many Best Bengal in show and Best of the Best Cats in show. We've also had several Regional winners, campaigned the first International Winning Bengal female and 2 Best Bengal awards at "On Safari", a prestigious annual show of nothing but Bengals.

I hope you give Epsilon a chance before making a decision. We have something for almost everyone in a reasonable time frame.


(1) browse the Gallery which has mostly Testimonials, which are testaments to our reputability. (2) browse the available kittens. This should give you an idea of what we have available. It's best to meet the kittens because they're commonly more beautiful in person. Other kittens may be available, so contact me if you want to learn more. (3) Read the Adoption Info & FAQ to answer common questions. If you wish to explore further, feel free to browse the queens, studs & video gallery.  (4) contact me preferably by phone AND email to answer personal questions & possibly take further steps towards finding that special kitten.

Epsilon Mikita became a Champion at her first show & well on her way to higher titles. I was blessed with a great performance, especially with her temperament. Even after having 2 litters and never been away from the house for more than an hour, she performed with such grace like an experienced show cat.


3% charge on credit card sales apply.

Spring kittens are here! We have great litters on the ground and coming up.

Some of Epsilon's rosetted cats (Click Picture)

We're located in the Olympia area of Thurston County (South Puget Sound), Washington state. Our Prize Winning Bengals are a testament to our goal of creating healthy, intelligent, athletic & fun pets that perpetuate the beauty of wild leopard in a sweet domestic cat.

Our cats & kittens are well integrated into our household & are carefully managed for socialization, health & safety. We screen for genetic illnesses. Please note that we rely heavily  parental test results & favorable history in our 22 years of breeding, so many cats don't need to be tested. Much of our success in producing healthier kittens is because we practice creative segregation of our cattery population among other practices. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say. 

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Please check back regularly. We have high hopes for the upcoming litters in the next few months.

Responsible Breeder & Member of The International Bengal Cat Association & The International Cat Association

We love the Bengal breed with all it's beauty & personality. We hope to share the joy & pleasure of the world's most popular pet with you. One of the greatest pleasures with placing pets & breeder/show Bengals is meeting so many wonderful people. Hearing about how their little leopard or marble has enhanced their lives is the frosting on the cake. A testament to our success in this endeavor is the number of return customers I have. An added personal benefit is that I've made many friends in the process of placing kittens. Testimonial of the month Hi David,
I just wanted to send an update now that Ewo "Winston" has been with us for a couple months. I want to first say that your instincts that he was the "right" cat for our family were right on! I continue to be amazed how well he fits in and more often than not, reminds me of Kellen. ; ) They seem to share behaviors of wanting to play for hours, getting wild right before bed, and loving to cuddle… but only when they are tired. Needless to say, they are good buddies.
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Lisa Arvay & Me with Jean Mill sometime in 2008.

I've been fortunate to get to know Jean well enough over the years to be able to stay at her home & famous Millwood cattery whenever I'm in Southern California. Since I was raised in Pasadena just a half hour from Covina, I would take advantage the housing. I would, of course, help out with the cats & learn what I could from the creator of the Bengal breed.

Some of the things I remember is having fresh squeezed juice from her Valencia orange tree, the wonderful salads she would make, relaxing in her beautiful back yard & legendary cattery facilities, meeting other breeders that would drop in & the occasional caravans to shows & other places where we would have to keep up with the heavy footed California driver (Picture a 70 something year old keeping up with the best of them in crazy California traffic, whoa). 


Only about 80% of cats have the gene that allows them to respond to the effects of catnip. The other 20% are not affected by it.

A cat's IQ is only surpassed by that of monkeys & chimps in the world of animals.


































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