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Adoption Info  
  Why is it Epsilon a great place to purchase a Bengal Kitten?  


We pride ourselves with our ability to match cats with homes and people.

We get to know our cats and will only place then in approved homes we think are a good match. We have few absolute guidelines, but we are quite thorough about new home evaluation for our kittens and cats. We evaluate based on a "spirit of well being & care" a potential home may provide and the ability of caretakers to make good decisions regarding the cat's welfare.


All of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to moving into new homes.

We practice early spay/neuter and place our breeding stock in a conscience manner. All our cats are micro-chipped and if one of them enters a shelter or is lost, they'll be rescued. The cost of this procedure is usually included in the price. Generally if a cat is priced at $900 or more this procedure is included in the price. We also work with owners if they find they can no longer keep & care for their Bengal, so that the the cat is safe & is moved to a good new home or brought back to Epsilon until a new home can be found.


We provide a 2 week unconditional guarantee.

If you don't like how your cat is eyeballing your gold fish or doesn't fit in to your home in some way, you can bring them back for a full refund. We want the Bengal cat you choose to be the right pet for you. After all, it's going to be with you for many years.

  All of our cats are micro-chipped with Avid FriendChipTM. This is done to protect the animal throughout it's life if it's lost, stolen or otherwise left in a compromised position. Each kitten has the microchip implanted prior to registering the litter with TICA, so the ID numbers are on the certificate of ownership and in TICA's database. The microchip ID is kept in 4 databases: 2 international (TICA & AVID), 1 US (Microchip vendor) & in Epsilon's database. If a Bengal from Epsilon gets lost, a shelter or rescue will scan for a microchip and obtain contact information from Avid and contact the owner or Epsilon if the owner is unable to be contacted.  

We are responsible and reputable.

Breeding & placing kittens is a very complex process. Sure it looks easy to put a male and a female together, let them breed and then kittens appear in 9 weeks. There are some many different things to evaluate in breeder/show cats and kittens like structure, appearance (according to the TICA standard and the breeders goals), health, temperament, genetic health. It's easy to create a litter of kittens, but it's really challenging to really produce better Bengals long term. There is a "sweet spot" where a seasoned breeder knows that the cats they keep back are are as strong as they can be without losing too much of what we wish to keep. Sometimes a fine animal in most respects needs to be retired or not used in the first place because the short and/or long term liabilities of breeding them outweigh what might be produced in the short term. 

Then there's the matter of how to manage pet kittens and breeding rights so that there's not an unnecessary population boom leading to poor homing of kittens, back yard breeders, kittens and cats ending up in rescue and animal control. We make that easy by practicing early spay and neuter (ESN) as well as carefully choose homes for breeder/show cats. Some breeders say it's unhealthy for the kittens. Please visit the linked page about ESN:


What's the procedure for acquiring a Bengal from Epsilon?

First, please practice pleasant persistence. I get lots of inquiries, many of which are not serious inquiries, so it's best to both call and email (I've had occasional email hacking events and mail didn't get through). A person who is interested in getting on my waiting list, which gives them first right of refusal of kittens over those below them on the waiting list and non waiting list buyers.

I recommend the following:

  1. 1. Browse the Kittens page to get an idea what I have or what I may produce.
  2. 2. Browse the Gallery where you'll find pictures and comments from a few current and past Epsilon Bengal Owners and few other pictures. You can also browse the Queens and Studs to familiarize yourself with our breeding cats. There's also a Video Gallery with a few interesting videos.
  3. 3. When you're ready, call and make an appointment. This is the best way to see the kittens. Pictures and videos are great to give you an idea about a particular kitten, but seeing them in person is very informative. Often, people come with a list of favorite kittens and end up leaving with one they hadn't even considered. I find that they're even more beautiful in person and I'll answer questions and provide more useful information about specific kittens and the breed in general.


How much do Bengals cost?

The price for Bengal pets (not for breeding) over all varies from $1200 to $2000, but some go down to $800 or even less on occasion. This includes spay/neuter, microchip implant and basic vaccinations. The cats are popular and many people are willing to pay top dollar for the right cat. If someone that has the resources wishes to pay top dollar for a stunning cat, whose to judge a breeder that puts a high price on that cat. For me, I try to serve most people with a wide range of prices. Placing kittens is an honor to me and it's rewarding to find a kitten for those on the lower end of the price spectrum as well as a top quality one to those who wish to pay the higher price and everything in between.

Most quality pure bred kittens go start at $1200 so this price range is consistent with other breeds considering the popularity of the Bengal breed. Since they're very popular so you can expect to pay more for a quality kitten compared to a similar quality purebred.

Sometimes we have kittens for under $1200 if they have a fault or aren't what I consider to be high quality or have been passed up continually for other kittens. Adults go for $100 to $600 depending on age. A young breeding or show quality adult that for some reason became undesirable for breeding/showing may sell for $400 to $1200 or even more for a spectacular cat. Older cats are priced depending on age and overall quality between $200-$400.

The cost of a kitten usually includes spay/neuter, microchip implant and Veterinary doctor health exam. We're always investing in our animals well being and work hard to provide the best quality and state of health of precious cats and kittens so your new pet won't have be fixed and probably not need veterinary care immediately. In spite of our good care, occasionally kittens do encounter stress related other illnesses just as human children do and will need vet care.


Are there any additional costs?

Unlike some other breeders, I include spay/neuter for cats costing $800 or more & microchip implant, which would be a cost of $150-200, depending on the vet clinic used. If you’re comparing prices, please subtract at least $150 our price in this comparison.

Even though our kittens are vet checked at when they go in to be fixed, you are advised to take your new kitten/cat to a vet for a checkup and follow up with a third vaccination and a rabies vaccine (at 4 months of age) now required by the State of Washington. And remember, these are living creatures that, no matter how well they're raised, may encounter illness just like children.


How are Bengal kittens evaluated?

It's hard to evaluate kittens because they change so much as they grow. I've often placed a kitten and later get pictures of the grown cat showing an exquisite animal I would have loved to keep for breeding and showing. That said, I have years of watching kittens develop and know pretty well how they'll develop.

"Pet quality" is a broad classification that is defined by whether they will be spayed/neutered. Within that pet quality range can be your average Bengal to an premium show quality animal. When I say show quality, I mean that a cat has a good chance of performing well in a show and conforms well to the TICA Bengal standard. Pets that don't fall into the show quality category can be spectacular or very plain. Kittens are evaluated for health, conformation (how the cat is built), coat quality, color and pattern and temperament (not necessarily in that order)


Can I show my kitten/cat?

Some cats can be shown. They can be shown in the Alter class at a TICA show. There are other cat organizations where Bengals may be shown. Even though I allow the showing of a cat, no cat is guaranteed to perform in the show. 


How much does shipping cost?

The price for shipping is $350-$450 in addition to the price of the cat & micro-chip registration. That includes a quality carrier, vet exam and health certificate, rabies vaccination & actual shipping costs from Seattle/Tacoma international airport.


What colors/patterns do I breed?

 I specialize in Black/Brown Spotted (Leopard) Bengals, but we do get an occasional Snow color and Marble pattern. I really like a good marbled Bengal and consider them very special and unusual. They're like an abstract painting on a living, breathing animal.


Why don't you have your address on your web site?

Many Bengal breeders, including Epsilon, have had cats stolen. As a security measure, we don't list our exact location. We may ask for name, address and phone number and require that I speak with you prior to scheduling an appointment and providing our address. And if you're thinking you might find a Bengal breeder a good theft target, think again. Most of these thieves get caught as they did in my case.