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Klepto Kitty!

Not much more to say except you have to see to believe. Select link below.

Linda & Tom Bozack adopted this Marbled Bengal kitten they named "Mr. Kizzy" and quickly found they could train him. Using clear and distinct commands, nudges, prompts and rewards of chicken morsels, Mr. Kizzy learned to do a few tricks.  
At the TICA Tukwilla cat show in October, I happened on this cat dressed as Jack Sparrow.  
Gypsy is definately a water bug. Here she plays with floating toys and becomes enamored with the drain plug and the sound it makes when she attempts to dislodge it.  

Riva's first litter needed to be fed supplementally. She's a great mom in all other areas, she just doesn't produce enough milk. This is "Tank" being fed at age of 5 days.


This cat was quite a ham at On Safari* 2009 in Portland, OR. At one point, she stands on her head with her feet on the top of the show cage. Of all the years going to cat shows, I've never seen this happen.

*On Safari which is a show of nothing but Bengal cats. It takes place anually in October or November in different parts of the country. Some years there's over 100 Bengals from around the world. For more information, go to

On Safari 2009 was produced this year by The New Culture Club, A TICA (The International Cat Club) cat club. It was held at the John Q. Hammons Conference Center on October 30.

Our kitten, Cheetasden Gypsy Rose received a Sixth Best Kitten of show in LindaJean Grillo's ring.

There's not much more entertaining than kittens passing time while mom is out getting some exercise. I've often muse at the slow motion play fighting and roley poley movements of kittens at this age.