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Jordan K. and Malcolm

I absolutely adore my Bengal cat from Epsilon Bengals! Malcolm is truly everything I could want in a cat. Obviously he is incredibly soft and stunning, and is complimented by everyone who sees him, but he has a superb personality as well! Malcolm is very friendly and affectionate and came very handleable even as a kitten. And he's very bright, I was able to toilet train him as a kitten (with no experience on my part) in half the time as the training kit declared it would take! He is inquisitive and doesn't shy away from water, (he will even pop in to hang out with me in the shower sometimes). And he endlessly delights me with his playfulness, he can make any little scrap of something into a toy and can entertain himself for hours. He even plays fetch on occasion! Thank you David, for my gorgeous, sweet, bright, bundle of joy. He's such a great addition to my life!


Hi David,
I just wanted to send an update now that Ewo "Winston" has been with us for a couple months. I want to first say that your instincts that he was the "right" cat for our family were right on! I continue to be amazed how well he fits in and more often than not, reminds me of Kellen. ; ) They seem to share behaviors of wanting to play for hours, getting wild right before bed, and loving to cuddle… but only when they are tired. Needless to say, they are good buddies.

I also must add that Winston is very social, a trait you identified early on. We have had friends over for football parties, NYE, and every time Winston is right in the middle of it. Everyone is amazed how social and fun he is. And did I mention he plays fetch?!

We, of course, think Winston is the most beautiful cat we have ever seen. I think you will appreciate these pictures that capture his markings.
Feel free to share any of my words and pictures on your site. We are happy to support you.


Ricki (Alexa by Kaito)

Happy Birthday, David! Thank you for bringing so much joy and comfort into so many people's lives through your Bengal breeding know-how and skill. I love your clean, cat odor free home and the way you give them a balanced home raised upbringing. To many more happy years ahead, may they find find you well and healthful.




Ricki (Alexa by Kaito)

Hi David,

I thought I would share a few new photos and a quick update on my Ricki. She is such a joy to us, so full of life and mischief. She loves the water in the shower and walks right in every day to play since there is not a door, it seems to be the best shower ever for a Bengal. She had a checkup and her last booster shots today with our vet and passed with flying colors, they loved her and everything looked great, she is 3.56 lbs and growing. She is getting along with our other cats very well, especially with our 2 year old male, Clyde (you will see them together in one of the photos). Clyde has taken to her since day one and I think he believes he is her mother :) 

I hope all is well with you, as you can see from the photos, she is quite the ham, none of these are staged, it is just a typical day at our house. We never know where we will find her. 

Thanks for breeding such wonderful cats, you are certainly producing wonderful Bengals and have made our life a lot brighter. Thanks, Kathy.

Toshi (Deja by Julius)

Hi David, Toshi is incredible. I just love him to pieces but then I fell in love with him when I first saw his picture on your site and he just bonded with me right away. He is so sweet, such a love. He never claws or scratches... he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Keiko is the same so the two of them play rough but never so much as to physically hurt each other. They have become so close and he has even crawled into Keiko's crate and taken a nap with Keiko. They lick each other and he loves to clean out Keiko's ears. It's fun watching them together and my clients just get a kick out of it. I think Toshi thinks he's a dog. I recently taught him to sit on command and so before they both get their meals they have to sit first. It's so cute to watch but he knows what he has to do to get his meal or a treat. 

Toshi is very independent and social too. He seems to enjoy being around people and will visit when I'm with my friends or in with a client. He nuzzles with his nose hard and loves his tummy rubbed. He is the neatest cat I've ever had. I think he's a very beautiful cat with a beautiful face. I love his big bright seafoam green eyes. He has gorgeous markings that are becoming more and more distinguished. I think had Toshi been shown he would have shown well... he's so confident and has a relaxed quality about him. He allows me to hold him and stretch him out as if he were being shown. I've had so many compliments on him. You'll know by his markings whom he resembles more... his mother or father. I think he looks like his dad. It's Toshi's personality that is most impressive. He's a great kitten and he's going to be a great cat. I'm proud to be his owner. I will send more pics as he matures but befriend me in Facebook and you'll be able to see him regularly in there.

I am so glad I found Toshi through you. Thank you for being so helpful and keeping in touch. Enjoy the pics. Mia




Ringo (Alexa by Kaito)

There is no such thing as a little blurb when it comes to Bengals.  This adorable bundle of joy has  made our family complete.   We, of course, think he is stunningly beautiful and continues to richen in his color and markings.  He will end up a real beauty.   His facial shape and markings are exquisite.  Very wild looking.  But he is a pussycat!    So playful and athletic!   He has very "doglike" qualities in that he follows us everywhere and engages with us.   We laugh when he responds in his chirp talk.   We are pretty adamant about disciplining him to stay off the counters and table and he is responding well.  Of course we think he is very smart.   He lets us sleep all night with no nonsense but once he hears the alarm he is off and running!   He is independent yet very loving and cuddly.   He hops in the shower with each of us daily which I encouraged from the beginning.  He loved water play from the get go,  He seems to enjoy the morning "grooming" ritual and is very much involved!  We know that you reap more joy from your pet if you are willing to put in the bonding time.  We definitely got a good one.  We love him so much.   Pictures to follow!

Update: I replied to an update email from John and Carol and they replied back "His coat is lovely but his personality is Devine!!!!!"

Hi David,
Here is a picture of Ringo. He is two now. What a love! And very spoiled!!! Hope all is well with you. Carol


Epsilon Goldenrod (Leopard spotted. Erin explained in a progress note: "Clyde really likes to chase and wrestle, and sometimes I think poor Goldenrod is always on alert, waiting to get jumped. Luckily she fits under the couch and Clyde doesn't, so she has a place to go when she's had enough. When Clyde mellows out they groom one another, and they are starting to sleep within a couple feet of each other - but no cuddling yet. G-rod has been a lovely addition to the household; she's a very sweet and loving cat, and I think she's getting settled in here just fine."

Update: "Golden Rod and Clyde are getting along just fine now. Thanks so much for your assistance."


Hi David - What cute babies you have available! Just saying hello as we celebrate Morgan's one year with us. He is a love bug. Thank you for him! I hope you are well.  Jenny

Lynn, Anne and their 3 Bengals after 15 years

Lynn and Anne adopted these 3 cats many years ago and now they've come back for another kitten or 2. It's so rewarding that after so many years, people keep coming back. I'm honored to have brought so many people such cherished pets into their lives. Here's some of what they had to say.

Dear may not remember but we brought three Bengal kittens home. Photos attached as kittens Spottswoode, Remy and Simone. We came in search of a female kitty and brought two boys back as well. Needless to write they have brought great joy to our house and have been best friends now for over 15 years. Sorry to write Simone & Remy passed away. Remy was the most verbal, smart, athletic, handsome pet we have ever had the pleasure of living with. Spotty remains and is in good health and continues to complete our household with his distinct personality.

We are intending to introduce another cat into our household and the Bengal breed is indeed our favorite. I am currently weighing the wisdom of adding at this time since Spotty is enjoying all the attention. But we would appreciate hearing from you when you have the time. I think our first choice would be two spotted male cats, but then I know judging by our previous visit, all the kittens were so beautiful I could have requested half a dozen. Kind regards, and thank you for providing us with such special little friends for all these years, Sincerely, Lynn & Anne


Kaito at work

TAKE YOUR CAT TO WORK DAY. Occasionally I take a cat to work. This day it was Kaito and he loved it as did my colleagues.

Kendra and her 18 year old leopard girl, now past on.

Hi David, I bought a Bengal from you 18 yrs ago and she has been the most wonderful cat. Sadly she died last night but I think 18 yrs is a pretty darn good life for a cat. I just can't believe it was that long ago that I got her...time flies. She had thyroid issues and was on medication , she finally just quit eating and I bought every type of food but in the end she wouldn't eat at all. She was 18.She went with us to horse shows she loved being with me all the time. This is her last summer in the trailer. Thanks, Kendra


I am grateful for the chance to find my beautiful Anise at Epsilon Bengals. They were patient enough to allow me to visit as many times as I needed to feel confident in choosing a kitten, and I was able to see some of the parents as well. I was impressed by the cleanliness and health of all the kittens I saw. Anise came very well litter trained and with up-to-date health records. She's joyful, bold and intelligent, and she makes my life brighter every day!

And some pictures. She's already so big!
Thanks again,

Bill France and Tonga

This gentleman, Bill F, past away but his companion Bengal, Epsilon Tonga lives on. For about 3 years Tonga was one of Bill's primary companions. Tonga was very much Bill's cat and they seemed to enjoy a very special relationship.

Tonga, took quite a bit of time to get over Bill's absence, but has adjusted to a new home living with Bill's daughter in California.

Sara writes: “Kaley & the rest of the family just loves our Sylo. Thank you so much for the fun visit and great kitten.”

The story: Mom asked her daughter not to pick up the kittens without permission. I allow children to handle kittens with guidance but quietly respected the mother's wishes.  

While we were in another part of the room talking about adoption, this cute little gal was having her way and handling the kittens. I glanced over at the girl out of the corner of my eyes periodically as I always do when kids are around (for the safety of the kids & kittens) and caught a glimpse of this precious interaction of child and kitten. Since the camera was in reach, I discreetly snapped a few quick candid pictures.

The first picture was the girl's innocent "caught in the act"  expression. The second is her reaction of being in the spotlight & having her picture taken while the adults were chuckling.


Hi David!

We decided to name the little one Fluffasoarous (bet you didn't see that one coming!) Mostly she just gets called little fluffy, but we wanted her to have a name that is as big as her personality, haha.

She is an absolute doll, and everyone loves her. I've taken her to visit friends' houses and even then she doesn't shy away in a different environment.
It took a little time, but she's grown to tolerate our two dogs and loves playing with our other cat. She also loves playing in her water dish and hopping in the shower if someone's in it

Here's a few pictures...I'll restrain myself from sending the 100 I probably already have...

Hope everything's going great for you!



Russell acquired this fine boy, named SGC Epsilon Clouseau to show. He has so much fun showing and being young and spontaneous, decided to have his hair dyed with a leopard print pattern for the Santa Rosa, California show (1997). He obtained a title of Supreme Grand Champion (SGC).