Epsilon Alexa x Epsilon Kaito Litter Born 10/8/2017

Picture color may very due to photographic inconsistencies. Taking photo's of kittens at this age is problematic as they're small, very difficult to manipulate and their markings and features are very underdeveloped. Some kittens are more photogenic than others, so it's best to see them in person where they always look better.

This litter comes from a line of proven temperaments. One owner of this litters older brother described their kitten, Ringo, like this. "His coat is lovely but his personality is Devine!!!!!" (See testimonial) I've done this breeding 12 times now and I keep doing because of the outstanding kittens that result.

Tia-Brown (Black) Leopard Spotted Tabby Girl

No longer available

Tia follows the heritage of superb personality and distinctive appearance that the Alexa and Kaito breeding has produced. She's very friendly, handleable and a downright fun kitten. She's super sweet, handleable, fun loving and plays like there's no tomorrow.  She's typical of this breeding with the wild eyed expression and many other features that define a quality Bengal. She'll be spayed, microchipped and ready to go at no extra charge just before Christmas.

At age 3 Weeks