Epsilon Mikita x Corbin Born 6/11/2017

Evaluating kittens at such a young age is difficult. They go through so many changes. Some look really bold and sharp while others will look fuzzy and less defined. As kittens grow, they come to life not only in personality but in physical beauty. It's very important that folks interested in a Bengal kitten keep this development aspect in mind when choosing a kitten. Sometimes breeders discount a kitten only to place it as a pet and after seeing pictures of it a few months later, see that the kitten has blossomed into an outstanding animal.

Picture color may very due to photographic inconsistencies. Taking photo's of kittens at this age is problematic as they're small, very difficult to manipulate and their markings and features are very underdeveloped. Some kittens are more photogenic than others, so it's best to see them in person where they always look better.

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These kittens will be ready to go about the first of September.



Mason is definitely the pick of the litter. He's stunning in so many ways. At this point, it's hard to give a good description because he's so young. Mason is definitely looking good both visually and temperment.

Age 5 Week



Mory is a close runner up to Mason. He's also stunning in many ways but without that extreme rosetting. He has excellent rosette markings and will have superb contrast with his dark markings. At this point, it's hard to give a good description because he's so young. Mory is definitely looking good both visually and temperament.


Age 5 Week

























Yukari-Brown Spotted (Leopard) Female-Pet Quality

Yukari is super friendly and purrs very much. When she's in a go mode and her adrenalin is pumping, she's a joy to watch. She bounds around with such a zest for life. After she's run off some energy, she is very receptive to relaxing in your arms or lap or just follow you around the house until she decides to take a nap. She's still still in the "fuzzies" at the time the pictures were taken and will develop a well contrasted, exotic rosette pattern as they come out of this stage. Price: $1250

Age 7 Weeks