Epsilon Mikita x Wild Thing Born 4/17/2015

Evaluating kittens at such a young age is difficult. They go through so many changes. Some look really bold and sharp while others will look fuzzy and less defined. As kittens grow, they come to life not only in personality but in physical beauty. It's very important that folks interested in a Bengal kitten keep this development aspect in mind when choosing a kitten. We breeders know that often times we discount a kitten only to place it as a pet and after seeing pictures of it a few months later, kick ourselves for letting the cat go.

This litter are all taken and in their new homes.

Sonny-Brown Spotted (Leopard) Male-Pet Quality

Sonny is very outgoing and friendly. He purrs a lot and is very handleable. He's very active and physically fit. He does have a physical defect. Contact me about the details. $175 (includes spay/neuter, microchip implant and basic vaccinations).

Age 4 Months