IW SGC Millwood Shahnarah of Epsilon

 Shahnarah was very special. Her contribution to the breed is unmistakable with her prolific offspring, especially Epsilon Pawladia and Epsilon Pacifica who are in so many pedigrees.

Shahnarah herself was the first international winning female Bengal becoming 22nd Best International  and 10th Best International Shorthair Cat of the year in 1998. Not only that, she did that in just 12 shows, sometimes only going into 2 or 3 rings. One show, At the "Days of Wine and Roses" show she won 9 Best Cats, and 2 second Best Cats, Best Cat in Bengal Congress (ring of all Bengals) and Best of the Best Cat in Show. She had other outstanding shows including 2 Best of the Best Cats in show.

I was very attached to her as a pet/breeder. She had difficulty producing kittens and only had about 10 in her breeding career. She eventually developed mammary cancer and passed away. That was a very bitter few months in the end. I would still have her as my dear pet if she wouldn't have contracted this horrible illness. There's a small empty spot in my heart with her loss. I have so many great memories of traveling around the country with this stunning animal. Pulling her out of her carrier going through security and hearing the comments build as she hung draped over my hand and forearm looking so alert and wild as she evaluates the suroundings with those big green eyes, waking up in the morning at home or in a hotel room with her dropping her toy on my chest to initiate a game of fetch, her graceful lightning fast movements about the house are just a few of the memories.